hypocritical procrastination

31 07 2009

may be the death of me.  By definition, this is the avoidance of what you really should be working on by doing something that’s productive and rewarding but not as important.   Like painting my front porch instead of writing or looking for a job or posting to my blog.  It’s hard to understand why I find it so hard to focus on what I really should be doing.  Especially when I have already determined that it’s what I really WANT to be doing!    More on that subject to come – if I know myself at all.

So on a more constructive note, my wife found an article, in Parade magazine of all places, that I find worth sharing:


It’s uncanny how similar his story is to my own.  I had mixed feelings about this after reading it.  In one moment it was uplifting to hear about a man who lost his job at 39 and went on to write 13 best-selling thrillers, and in the next moment it was a bummer to know that I am not special in this regard.   It also seemed that he was much more successful (i.e wealthy) that I am at 39.  I’m doing this under the stress of having already used up my safety net.  Time to stop procrastinating!




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